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Cloud technology is evolving and upgrading at an exciting rate making it possible for business visions and ideas to be experienced on a range of interactive devices.

With modern tools, trends and techniques in the IT industry, powerful online infomation systems have been developed for end-users to gain an advantage in performing tasks. offers web systems development services and are based in London, United Kingdom.

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Centaur Publication Websites/Mobile

  • Websites/Mobile Magazines
    • Publication website

Summit/Confrence Websites

  • Web Applications - Client/Server, Public-facing Websites
    • Various Confrence Websites
      • More examples listed here
      • Event information
      • Allows for booking of event
      • Classic ASP, SQL Server, HTML, CSS and VBScript/JavaScript

Chancellors Group - Websites & Intranet Systems

  • Web Applications - Client/Server, Public-facing Websites
    • Websites & Intranet Applications
      • Enterprise processes management
      • Main websites to attract clients, search for properties
      • Intranet information management systems
      • Classic ASP, SQL with Ingres backend database

StepStone ETWeb Enterprise - HR System

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  • Web Application - Client/Server
    • HR System
      • Charts, graphs, reports, etc.
      • Strategic talent management system
      • ASP.NET and Classic ASP with SQL Server backend database
      • Used by many blue-chip firms

Europe in the Round - Educational System

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  • Web Application - Client-side
    • Educational System
      • Browser-based learning tool
      • Vast information about the European Union
      • Features such as charts, reports, photos and games
      • Used by schools and education centres

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